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Elevance Health & BCBSLA Partnership: Transforming Health Outcomes in Louisiana

The collaboration between Elevance Health and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) marks a pivotal step toward enhancing health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities throughout Louisiana. Louisiana faces significant health challenges, with indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality rates, obesity, and chronic diseases ranking poorly compared to other states. This underscores the urgent need for substantial improvements in healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality in the region.

Elevance Health and BCBSLA's partnership represents a prime opportunity to bridge the health disparity gap between Louisiana and the rest of the country. This alliance aims to boost health outcomes and make healthcare more affordable for Louisianians, leveraging Elevance Health's extensive national capabilities and technological advancements, alongside BCBSLA's trusted, local care.

Benefits of this Partnership

This partnership promises to enrich BCBSLA members' benefits and resources by utilizing Elevance Health’s comprehensive national expertise, delivered with a local touch. It ensures the continuation of BCBSLA's tradition of serving the Louisiana community, with leadership remaining in-state to focus on the unique needs of every local community, from Ruston to New Orleans.

Members can look forward to more affordable and convenient healthcare options, thanks to access to Elevance Health's innovative capabilities and services. These advancements are set to slow the rise in healthcare costs and simplify access to medical services. Among the new features are behavioral health services, digital-first healthcare solutions, advocacy services to navigate the healthcare system, and programs targeting complex and chronic conditions, with many services accessible directly from a smartphone.

Notably, the transition to this partnership will not affect BCBSLA’s provider networks. Members will retain their current healthcare providers, ensuring continuity with access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals nationwide. 

The collaboration will also lead to the creation of a new nonprofit entity focused on enhancing the health and well-being of Louisiana's residents, continuing BCBSLA's longstanding, mission-driven legacy in the state.

This Elevance Health-BCBSLA partnership is more than just a joint effort; it's a commitment to improving health in Louisiana for future generations, building upon BCBSLA's nine-decade legacy with enhanced support, innovation, and expanded options for consumers, families, and employers across the state. This initiative represents a new era in healthcare for Louisiana, emphasizing our dedication to a healthier future. 



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