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Poll Worker Speaks About Her Renewed Confidence in Election Integrity After Behind the Scenes Work

Three years ago, Mackie McIntosh of Georgia had lost faith in the election process and wanted to know the truth about the process in Savannah, Georgia.

“I figured the only way to find out what was really going on was to be a part of it,” Mackie McIntosh said. So she decided to become a poll worker and see for herself what went on behind the scenes of elections.

Georgia poll worker
Mackie McIntosh speaks about her experience as a poll worker in Georgia.

Recently, McIntosh shared what her experience working elections has been like so other Georgians can know the truth about the election process in Chatham County.

“I’ve seen it in action, I’ve seen the paper counts, I’ve seen the electronic counts, it’s been very impressive actually to see how smoothly the election is run in this state,” McIntosh said.

McIntosh says watching how Dominion handles the voting technology has restored her faith in one citizen, one vote.

“Part of the reason I’m here today is to not only encourage people to vote, but to also be a part of the process to help facilitate others in their communities coming out and voting. That is always the goal, right, to get every citizen out and have their voices heard,” McIntosh said.



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