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Project 2025 Plan Proposes Major Cuts for North Carolina Veterans & Military Families

Project 2025 Plan Proposes Major Cuts for North Carolina Veterans & Military Families

Project 2025, the policy blueprint developed by the Heritage Foundation and other MAGA think-tanks staffed by over 200 former Trump administration officials, will dramatically slash military families and veterans’ benefits if implemented. 

Reduction in Veterans’ Healthcare Benefits 

In North Carolina, we have nearly 800,000 veterans who call our state home. Under Project 2025, these men and women who have made tremendous sacrifices in service for our country would see reduced monthly disability payments, and many who are currently eligible to receive benefits may no longer be eligible at all under the proposal.

Project 2025 Proposals

Impact on Veterans

Cut more than $37 million from veterans and service members’ benefits by eliminating concurrent eligibility for both service-related disability benefits and military retirement benefits, revising the disability rating awards (which determine eligibility for benefits and monthly disability compensation), and narrow eligibility for veterans' disability by excluding conditions not directly related to military service.

Tens of thousands of NC veterans may no longer be eligible for current retirement and/or disability benefits

Close numerous VA clinics and replace with Community Based Outpatient Clinics that offer fewer services, decreasing the standard of care for American veterans

Loss of critical healthcare services for veterans, especially those in rural areas

Privatize Veterans Health Administration and replace current leaders with political appointees

Changes in service and accessibility, increased political influence over VA, loss of jobs for service members and veterans

Shutting Down VA Campuses

According to the proposal, MAGA policy-makers aim to privatize the Veterans Health Administration and replace current leaders and decision-makers with political appointees loyal to the far-right agenda.

With privatization, VA healthcare campuses that are deemed “obsolete” or “unaffordable” would be on the chopping block. Project 2025 recommends replacing these important resources with Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) instead, which will greatly reduce the range of healthcare options, including inpatient care and emergency services, available to veterans—especially for those in rural areas.

But the plan doesn’t stop there; Project 2025 also calls for privatizing the Department of Defense’s TRICARE system for military members, which will increase healthcare costs for  military families by forcing the “option” of private insurance.

Reduction in Service Members’ Housing Benefits 

Additionally, the plan proposes requiring married service members to share a housing allowance rather than receiving an allowance independently, as is the current policy. This means married couples will be forced to live off one housing allowance instead of two, resulting in undo financial stress for those putting their lives on the line to serve our nation.  

In North Carolina, this is a real problem. There are 94,369 active-duty service members, 39,616 active-duty spouses, and 69,609 active-duty children. Lack of affordable housing is already an issue in the state, and reducing military families’ housing resources will only make it more difficult for service members and veterans to pay a mortgage or monthly rent.

Project 2025 Proposals

Impact on Military Families

Privatize the TRICARE system, slashing more than $59 million in military healthcare services

Additional healthcare costs for military families

Cut over $14 million from military housing allowances & burden military families with  new housing expense documentation requirements

Married military service members would receive only one allowance 

and be required to document and submit all housing expenses

Furthermore, all service members and/or veterans would be required to document their housing expenditures - utility bills, home improvement projects, repairs, etc. - under the proposed plan, adding the unnecessary burden of paperwork to maintaining a home.

Project 2025 would drastically affect military families and veterans not only in North Carolina, but throughout the United states. Our service members deserve respect and protections for the sacrifices they have made for our country.



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