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What's in Biden's Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill?

6 Key Facts Outlining the Internet Broadband Provisions of the Build Back Better Act and Infrastructure Bill

6 Quick Facts for Improving Internet Access in the US

  1. $475 Million - Grants for devices, such as laptops and tablets, administered through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Low-income Americans qualify for these devices through subsidies provided in the infrastructure bill and Build Back Better. This also includes $20 million for administration and $5 million for outreach

  2. $300 Million - For the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) Emergency Connectivity Fund in order to address distance learning efforts for schools and libraries

  3. $280 Million - NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) grants to public-private partnerships to fund pilot projects for boosting access to affordable broadband in urban communities

  4. $100 Million - FCC outreach and education about broadband affordability programs

  5. $7 Million - Creates a Future of Telecommunications Council under the commerce Department that would advise the next generation of 6G wireless and how 6G can help serve American communities

  6. $5 Million - Creates an Urban and Suburban Broadband Advisory Committee on making broadband more affordable in urban and suburban areas

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